Planking Diaries


When it comes to predicting your very next plank, don’t snigger at the tarot cards. All you planksters out there need to know that the tarot can foretell a plankster’s fate spot on, especially with the wands suit – hey trust wood to never let you down! But why pray, should the tarot be number […]


So what films does your typical plankster movie addict enjoy? Well, information down the grape vine revealed some surprising movie themes, so here are the top five celluloid thrillers that will grip a plankster’s imagination. THE MATRIX is guaranteed to get plankster’s sap moving and not just because of Keanu Reeves. Most planksters agree that […]


Humanity’s addiction to fads is not all negative. Great cuisine could also be classed as a faddish obsession at a pinch, but it still lights up the world’s taste buds! In fact what could be more enlightening than breaking down cultural barriers and enjoying unique international planks and cuisine. Intercontinental Planksters will enjo local dishes […]


The craze is plank holiday getaways “face down and stiff” atop iconic locations like Stonehenge and the Eiffel tower. The more radical the plank the more tales are told with photographic evidence on line Take Perth guy Simon Carville who posted a naked piccie of himself in the arms of the Perth Statue “Eliza”. Getaway […]


Even if you are stretched out all perfectly stiff and planked, your look will add to the brilliance of your interpretation. In fact, your hair style could enhance your planking experience big time. So what hair cut will fit the bill, and make your planking style something to write home about? Big hair dos are […]


Yes it’s Plankamania even on the dance floor! In fact, a plankster might sneak in a ballet class when the prima ballerina is not looking. Like ballet planking is about self discipline and holding a stance. So even if those fabulous pirouettes cannot be compared to the “stiff as a board plankster” move, the graceful […]


Times they are a changing, and planksters are all for it as they gaze down at global transformation from a rigid position on a high rock ledge. Whether the plankster is metaphysical or totally 3D they will have some idea of what their sun sign is up to and how the current Uranus Pluto opposition […]


You are a borderline Great Plankster. You are determined to carry out the best plank, and to gather together the necessary sporting accoutrements in the process. In fact you are gong to start off your shopping spree with some fab Nike add ons! Even if planking can get chilly in the North Pole, it can […]