“Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it”, well perhaps not, but planking is hitting the high note world wide with celebs like Katy Perry joining in the fun and frolics. Some believe the “art” is a fabulous fad, others that those of the planking persuasion need their heads examined. .

But hey, all you plankers out there, harsh and demanding times will never beat you down. .More hopeful than tragic, you continue to take a stand against unimaginative folks, financial crises, unemployment and end of the world scenarios. In other words, planking is slowly making history and nothing will stop it, not even cultural snobbery and media put downs.

Outraged by a group of plankers stopping the traffic in Manila, a frustrated Philippines Congressman sought to ban mass planking against rising oil prices and unemployment. Politician Winston Castelo insisted that plankers are dangerous to themselves and others. .”parents and teachers have reason to be alarmed” he said. “These protests bring warm and living bodies to lie down on street highways as though they were offerings to the gods.”

Philippine plankers are ignoring Castelo and his ravings, not only are they holding fingers up to the authorities but continuing to plank for their rights. Hardy, resilient, they believe the State has no right to wave its repressive Anti Planking Act in their faces. . So even if Manila police are taking a repressive stand on planking protests, plankers are facing up to them. Independent thinkers who know planking is a durable art form are also standing firm, and social networks ain’t taking that planking flack from anyone, anymore.

CBS news reported on a tweet by Philippine Gerald Galang who hit the planking nail on the head when he said,”The Philippines is going through a lot right now and an anti-planking act of 2011 is what we get? C’mon ..:”

“The anti-planking act of 2011 is even more useless and absurd than the act of planking itself,” tweeted Chuckie C. Chavez.

Tim Yap tweeted back “I’ll plank to that.”

Plankers of the World will unite on Planking Day in May 2102. . Fearlessly plankinh precariously on the edge of a mountain, a ravine or a kitchen table, they are yet again holding up their fingers to society’s mores, in fact these “never say die” characters will soldier on, ready to give their all for just one thing, “The Perfect Plank!”

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