Obviously, every planker needs courage and inspiration, especially if their next scary planking mission is on top of a big dipper, or the Eiffel Tower. Invocations, prayers and creative affirmations will keep the enthusiastic planker’s finger on the pulse, inspiring and encouraging them to soldier on. So here are a few positive invocations for the planking community.

“May the Lord protect and make me a strong and rigid face down planker, sturdy of nerve and muscle.

May divine intervention be my bedrock should I fall off the chair, stool, bench mountain top or double decker bus.

“I always attract the perfect planking venue, may this or something better manifest for the good of all concerned!

“I believe in the universal planking plan from the depths of my heart, calves, stomach and leg muscles”

Every day and in every way my planking is getting better and better!

Plankers who trust in the divine will soar like eagles and plank like beavers.

I call on the higher forces to listen to my planking plea, may I maintain perfect rigidity for more than fifteen minutes at a time

Even as I plank on day after day, night after night, I think and feel enlightened and healthy!.

May the good Lord ensure I continue to hydrate myself well and frequently before and after planking.

As the Divine Mind keeps me safe, all winds, earthquakes, fires, storms and put downs will be eradicated from my environment

Lord make me as fearless as a bat out of hell, and as stubborn as a mule!

Every cell in my planked out body radiates with perfect health and infinite light

I am a magnetic planker; I attract all the right planking pals, environments and high rise buildings.

My charisma and charm ensure success at every plank.

I will strive to be the best planker on this earth. And so be it with the help of universal forces..

Repeating the above prayers and phrases a few times a day will ensure a positive mind set. For more planking prayers watch this space. Until then Happy Planking!

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